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Understanding Healthcare Experiences and Outcomes of COVID-19 for African Americans

About Our Project

Since 2020, millions of Americans have battled COVID-19. We would like to examine the different experiences COVID-19 survivors are having in the United States. Specifically, in our survey, we are hoping to better understand the impact that COVID-19 has had on the Black community. The survey asks questions regarding your life, health, healthcare you might have received, employment, and finances. People who complete the main survey will receive $10 in Venmo or Amazon gift card. If you have had COVID-19, experienced moderate to severe symptoms, and have proof of your positive test, please consider sharing your experience by taking our survey. 


Understanding Healthcare Experiences and Outcomes of COVID-19 for African Americans

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U of SC COVID Study

Department of Psychology
University of South Carolina
1512 Pendleton Street
Barnwell College, Suite #525
Columbia, SC 29208

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